MVC AreaRegistration AreaRegistration.RegisterAllAreas(); You may have seen it under Application_Start event. What it does? There might be multiple sections like Administrator, Users, Bloggers, Writers, Advertise, Forums, Billing or department and so on of your web application. It becomes very difficult to manage all... [More]


Jquery CallBack Tutorial In this tutorial we will see how to use callback function in Jquery. Watch below video tutorial  about Jquery Callback function.   You may have a task which depends upon completion of other task. However JavaScript executes the code line by line which may lead to an error. To ovecome s... [More]


Jquery Ajax Tutorial in this tutorial we will see how to use AJAX and JQuery. Well, many of you already know JQuery is a JavaScript library and AJAX is Asynchronus JavaScript and XML. Ajax is tecnique which let the browser comminicate with server asynchronusly without refreshing the page. Inshort: It's a ... [More]

Tags: interview questions and answers free Android application. I’m glad to announce that recently we have released free and paid Android applications at play store. All those applications are running successfully over the play store. Free application Paid application https... [More]


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Android EditText Tutorial In this tutorial we will see how to access text entered by user in EditText and how to attach onKeyListener event to EditText. We will display a message in TextView if user press number 3 or back button. Video: Android EditText Example Source code: activity_text_box_demo.xml   ... [More]
Android screen navigation example using Activity and Intent In this tutorial I will show you how to navigate from one screen to another screen using Intent and Activity. Screens are nothing but the activity. You may have multiple screens in your Android project. Screen to show list of applications and other screens to show configuration stuff. Watch t... [More]



Android Button onClickListener Example Many of you are trying to code hello world application in Android. Here we will see how to add button  to Android application layout and attach onClick event to it. Import android.widget.Button package to use Button. Add Button with id button1 to Android application layout. <RelativeLayout... [More]
Tata Docomo online bill payment Tata Docomo online bill payment is one of the worst system I have ever seen online. Well, I resolved the issue by my own. They are using popup to show billing interface. I’m using Google Chrome which blocks popup by default. To manage popup windows in chrome browser open chrome://settings/search#po... [More]


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c# convert string to int You want to convert string to int using as a programming language. Note: You can’t convert the alphanumeric string in to integer by direct method. If you try you will end up with run time Format exception. Input string was not in a correct format. namespace ConsoleDemo.App { class P... [More]
C# 4.0 Tuple Example C# Tuple Example with usages and how to use Tuple introduced in 4.0. To access values stored in Tuple use Items accessor. Values assigned to Tuple can't be changed. [More]
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