interview questions and answers free Android application. I’m glad to announce that recently we have released free and paid Android applications at play store. All those applications are running successfully over the play store. Free application Paid application https... [More]


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Android EditText Tutorial In this tutorial we will see how to access text entered by user in EditText and how to attach onKeyListener event to EditText. We will display a message in TextView if user press number 3 or back button. Video: Android EditText Example Source code: activity_text_box_demo.xml   ... [More]
Android screen navigation example using Activity and Intent In this tutorial I will show you how to navigate from one screen to another screen using Intent and Activity. Screens are nothing but the activity. You may have multiple screens in your Android project. Screen to show list of applications and other screens to show configuration stuff. Watch t... [More]



Android Button onClickListener Example Many of you are trying to code hello world application in Android. Here we will see how to add button  to Android application layout and attach onClick event to it. Import android.widget.Button package to use Button. Add Button with id button1 to Android application layout. <RelativeLayout... [More]
Remove Gmail account from Android Don’t you want to delete your Gmail account associated with Android device before selling it to other user? Here we will see how to remove Gmail account or any email account associated with Android device. Watch the above video for more information about removing or setting up Gmail account in you... [More]


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