HTML5 Slider control and JavaScript In this tutorial I will show you how to create and use slider control in HTML5. I recommend you try this code in Chrome browser because it is the only browser which supports almost all HTML5 controls. This control can be very useful for the people who don’t want to type in numbers or navigate pages... [More]
c# string first character uppercase You want to make the first character of the string to upper case. Here is simple C# program that coverts first character if the string to upper case. First character To upper case Example using System; namespace Csharp.Month.String.ToInt.Example { class Program { static void... [More]
Jquery Select Table Row In this example we will see how to make table row as a selected row in the table collection using JQuery. Except header row we will attach click event to all table rows in the document. $(document).ready( function (){    $("tr").not(':first').click(   function () { ... [More]
How to check image is loaded using JQuery On document load we will check if images are loaded into browser or not. First we will find those images and on load event of them we will check if they are loaded into browser or not. $("document").ready(function(){     $("#image1").load(function(){  ... [More]
Jquery Table Row Highlight On Mouseover You want to highlight table row on mouse over the row. Here we will use Jquery to highlight the row on mouse over. To do that we will use hover effect. Let’s look at the code below $(“elementTag”).hover(A,B); In the code above we are selecting elements by it’s tag name and applying hover functio... [More]
Remove Gmail account from Android Don’t you want to delete your Gmail account associated with Android device before selling it to other user? Here we will see how to remove Gmail account or any email account associated with Android device. Watch the above video for more information about removing or setting up Gmail account in you... [More]
Basic HTML5 Tags Long time ago people were used to display contents using HTML table tags and align logo on top and layout etc… Now, people are using dives instead of table tags. Dives and tables are not enough to identify different parts of the body like header section footer section or side panels or article cont... [More]
HTML5 Canvas Animation There are three universal animation concepts Linear Animations. Tween Animations. Multiplane Animations. The wire frame of this tutorial looks like below one. <!DOCTYPE HTML> <HTML> <HEAD> <style> </style> <script src="https://ajax.go... [More]
Linq get max value from list In this tutorial I will show you how to get item in a list which has max value in the list. For demo purpose I have created a list of User Profiles with name and Age. Max Age is 45 and name of that item is Sat45. Quick View var maxAgeUser = userList.Where(u=>u.Age == userList.Max(x=>x.Age) )... [More] store value in ViewState Ok. You want to store some value in ViewState and get it back. ViewState is hidden field at client side html. When you store any data in it it gets encrypted and you can see it in view source of the page. Aspx Code file <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> ... [More]
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