Godaddy email configuration settings

How to configure Godaddy email settings using web.config is explained here by Satalaj

Definitely, one of the string below will work for your web application hosted on Godaddy Shared hosting server.

For my this site blog, I have configured Godadddy email settings like below.

You can use SMTP server details and port number of godaddy to configure your web applications on server.



E-mail address:
SMTP server  :
Port number   : 25        Port 25 is the standard Not a valid number
Username      :
Password      : **********
Enable SSL    :false

You can configure your web.config file to send email on Godaddy email service provider like.....

        <smtp deliveryMethod="network" from="">

                <network host="" />

use port 25 for sending email or 3535 


      <proxy usesystemdefault="False"      proxyaddress="
http://wc-v01.inet.mesa1.gdg:3128"      bypassonlocal="False" />

  Once you choose Godaddy as hosting provider, you don't need to worry about Security updates and framework patches. They do take care of it.

It’s really best web hosting provider and It’s number one.


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