TataSky HD

Tatasky HD recently launched their HD services in India. I have very bad experience using TataSky and I want to share with you. After reading this
post you surely will not go for TataSky. Without notifying you they do addition of addon channels and deduct the money.

Tatasky Review

When you purchase TataSky DTH, you have to watch their promotional irritating advertising messages as shown in below picture.

TataSky HD

The image shows the red ball at top left corner. It’s nothing but Tata Sky promotional advertise.

Reason not to pay Tata Sky

If you purchase the Tata sky HD, you will see similar advertise which may say buy our new channels. And it popup on almost every channel. Think before you count on Tata Sky HD. Tata sky HD doesn't support Stereo or Dolby sound it only gives mono. It has no 3D viewing support. It's just nonsense DTH service offered in India. Their customer support only try to fool the customer and not fix or resolve the errors. You may require to hold the lines for more than 15min to talk with them.

Fake reviews

There are so many reviews available online. All reviews are made by their hired TataSky SEO employees. So, don't believe on them. You too will agree with me as I know you too have suffered the same problem.



We are paying for channels and not the Tata Sky promotional advertises.

Even if someone is offering free TataSky, don't take it such a nonsense service.


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