RegisterClientScriptBlock RegisterClientScriptBlock

To emmit script after loading of all controls at client side browser use this C# code

Now we will close the broser / popup window close on Save botton click

On save button click  we will write following code to close the window

string str = "opener.location.reload(true);self.close();";

Page.RegisterClientScriptBlock("xx", "<script>"+str+"</script>"); 

// this will emit after saving the page and

// it will colse the opened window and refresh parent window 

Alert Examle snippet

public void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e)

        if (!this.IsClientScriptBlockRegistered("MyFirstScript"))
          // create script that is to be registered at client side.

              String scriptString = "<script language=\"JavaScript\">alert('Hello world'); </script>";

             this.RegisterClientScriptBlock("MyFirstScript", scriptString);



It will alert Hello world at cleint after loading all controls IE.

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