Android install APK from computer application

Android install APK from computer application Android-Install-APK-from-computer

Installing APK from computer requires connection between your Android device and computer. Here we will step by step install Android applications on your device from PC. It's completely non-market application installation steps. In case of Google Android market, you require Google account to login at Android Market.

Assuming you are installing APK file from computer hard disk

You may have received Android application or game on famous CHIP CD magazine.

1. Connect your Device via USB or Blue tooth [BT] to computer or mount SD card on memory card reader device via USB with computer.

2. Copy the .APK extension android application file found on local drive to SD card.

3. Place the SD card back into device and search for the file just uploaded on it.

4. Touch to open it. For the first time installation from other resource, you will be notified to allow installation from unknown sources.

5. Touch Check Unknown resources or allow installation to non-Market applications.

6. After installation you can see the new installed items in menu panel.

7. From Settings => Applications. You can uninstall the applications.

8. It is recommanded, you should download and install the application from trusted resources like Android Market.

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