Best Android Applications

Best Android Applications

Android mobile operating system is the most popular and widely used technology. Millions of people uses
Android mobile phones. Here I will show you the best applications for Android. All applications are centralized
at application store URL:  You can download the applications from Android market
or on your desktop or laptop be clicking on above URL.

Free calling Android Applications

Free Calls

 HeyTell: Make free calls over internet. Instead of SMS make Free calls, just push to talk.
Cross-platform free voice calling service. Instantly talk to your friends and family.
Talk to iPads, iPhones and Android users.
Send and receive Voice messages instantly. No account needed, just start the application and 
Select contacts to talk. Voice messaging is faster than Text message SMS.


Free audio video calling applications

 Tango Voice and Video calling Service :
Free voice and video calling Tango service makes you call using 3G, 4G and wi-Fi networks.
Make calls to anyone who uses Free Tango voice and video service.
Its absolutely free. Free calls to Android, Desktop PC, laptop, iPhones and iPads.
  Tango application for iPad


Free social apps:

image Facebook for Android: Stay connected all the time with friends and family with Facebook on 
Android. Share updates with friends, Chat online with friends, Look at friends user post, 
play Facebook games. No doubt its most widely used application on Android mobile phones
and tablets. Incompatible Browser | Facebook


 Twitter : Follow your friends. Get instant updates from industry experts, favorite celebrities
and what’s happening around the world. Find and follow friend online, Tweet and reTweet and more.




Google + :  Social Networking.  



Free Games For Android

Angry birds Android game

 Angry Birds: Its a puzzle video game developed by Finnish Computer Game Developer. 
Loved by community people, iPhone and Android users.
Special editions:  Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Magic.

image  Unblock Me : Its simple and addictive game The goal is to get Red block out of the board
  by sliding other blocks in minimum moves. This game Puzzle really lets you think.




 Chess Free: Play chess with computer and your friends. Its free and fast.




For more free Games online visit : Free Android games at Android market

Best Free Applications For Android Phone


 Google Maps: Download and track the locations. Track the route. Its free and help you locate
bars, restaurants, Cinema halls, Places, Friends and many more.



image  Google Maps : Experience the Rich web browsing with latest Flash player for Android phones.

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