Best Prizes

Best Prizes

Diwali or Deepavali is a festival of lights.

Here are some very useful tips before you purchase goods especially electronics.
It can be LCD or LED TV, Mobile phones, Smart Phone, Tablet or new desktop computer or Laptop.

First make sure what do you want to purchase.

buy samsung mobile

  You may want to purchase new Samsung mobile but you don’t have any ides about the prize and
features provided in phone. Browse Samsung website Mobile Phone | SAMSUNG. Look at the features
and prizes also try to compare the models with each other.
  Now, you have enough information about the handset. Go to market find out Authorized Samsung dealers.
You can get dealers contacts from same website. Ask the dealer for current prize of model you liked.
Don’t forget to carry a list of items you surfed online along with prize. Never show those prize to dealer.
Suppose prize of item in your item list is 10500 and Dealer prize is 10300 the best prize is 9,785 to 10,000.
You must get 3% to 5% discount.
If you are not purchasing from authorized dealer, the best prize is 8455. You must get 13% to 15% discount.
Don’t bargain in front of other customers use signaling language.
Suppose shopkeeper not able to reduce the rate of item. Go ahead and contact to owner of the shop and
ask him to reduce the rate.
  Visit multiple shops and find out the best prize of same Item. Your mind may get changed by seeing other
similar type of item. Don’t be in hurry to purchase. Do some research on internet and by vesting multiple
shops then decide best Prize.

Note: When you buy items using finance provider, you buy it at MRP. There is nothing called 0% EMI think

Buy Laptop

You may have licensed copy of windows and don’t want to purchase new one for new laptop. This case
buy laptop with free dos system and install your license copy. This way you can save your 5000 to 8000 rupees.
You can even install pirated copy of windows at your own risk.
  Same way you can purchase new LED or LCD TV and other electronics stuffs.


There is Edge LED TV also which is not true LED TV. Some companies promote it as LED TV.
So, before buying do some research about the products.

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