Blogger Sitemap

Blogger Sitemap

Recently Blogspot has introduced new dynamic views look to all blogger accounts. In this post I will show you how to setup sitemap for blogger websites and submit it to Google webmaster.

E.g. Assume that  your website name is and it is hosted at You need not take help of any third party sitemap generator tools or your website sitemap link.Just suffix below url to your blog /feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

so the sitemap of my blog would become


Another example with your blogspot or blogger account. 

e.g.  suppose my sub domain name is then my sitemap URL would become

This is very simple and you need not rely on third party tools for website sitemap generator.
You now can generate sitemap url for your website and submit it to many search engine providers.
You can submit it to.

  1. Google webmaster tool.
  2. Bing webmaster.
  3. Yahoo webmaster.
  4. Baidu webmaster.

In below image you can see my sitemap. Type of sitemap is Atom Feed and URLs submitted are 6.

blogger sitemap

Google webmaster important Settings

  1. Don’t submit sitemap again and again to Google webmaster. If you do that Google crawler will remove the
    pages from ranking and again it will give you new rank.
  2. If for any reason you changed the Geo targeting settings, you will loose all traffic.
    The website who target specific audience from geographical region needs to consider Geo targeting settings.
  3. Adjust the crawler time as per your page performance.
  4. Remove error giving pages from site map. Ideally there should be 0 errors in sitemap and all pages.


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