CIsco VPN client Download

CIsco VPN client Download

CISCO VPN client Download: I came to download the VPN client software provided by Cisco on their website. It's very time consuming registration process. But finally I was able to activate my account on their web. Here is a link for those who wish to download CISCO VPN client urgently.

Important notice: Don't load the VPN cleint service at startup as it almost make your pc to hung.

Open direct download link from below url

This is link to download VPN client without registering at Cisco VPN. 

What the hell I found it there.

  1. It requires registration to download VPN client.
  2. Registration process consumes minimum 60minute.
  3. Activation of your account takes 15minute.
  4. It ask nonsense security questions.
  5. Another interesting thing is that, the forgot password link doesn't require you to enter security question's answer.
  6. Password strength and Username min max length is .. .
  7. Even if you get login to Cisco, you would not be able to download their VPN client.
  8. You must have valid associated partner ID with them :(

Note: Though it's bad, you must get it from their site itself. otherwise you may download spyware version of it from the web :)


I hope someone from their website will read this post and get my valuable feed back.


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