Change Firefox Proxy Settings

Change Firefox Proxy Settings

Firefox is free open source web browser managed by Mozilla Corporation. It is worlds second most widely used
web browser. Most loved in Germany and Poland.

Here we will see how to change or add Firefox proxy settings. Proxy server helps to browse the web
anonymously. To protect your privacy and prevent your computer from attackers Mozilla and TOR come up project TOR and Https anywhere.

Hide IP

Tor prevents your IP from being transferred to web sites.

Firefox Proxy Setting

  1. Open Firefox
  2. From Menu control click on Tools then click on Options.
    Firefox options

    advansed proxy settings
  3. Options settings dialogue box will open.
  4. Click on Advanced settings button. Default General tab will open.
  5. Click on Network Tab as shown in above figure.
  6. Click on Settings button. It will open Connection Settings where you can add proxy server
    as shown in below image.
    add proxy
  7. Select Manual Proxy Configuration.
  8. Inside Http Proxy section add proxy address and port number.
  9. Click on OK to apply the changes.

Where can I get proxy address list?
Website proxy servers and TOR

Now, close the Firefox browser and reopen. Open new website and if you are not able to get connected to the website, find new proxy address and try again.

Note: Before changing the settings take a screen shot of the settings by PrtScn button and paste in ms paint.
It will act like a backup for you. In case you want to switch back to previous settings you can refer the screen shot
take earlier.

Many people prefer to hide their locations while browsing. If surfing anonymously is the reason, then my advice is
to use TOR Mozilla Aurora. The Tor network automatically does those stuffs for you.

TOR not only prevents your privacy but also on instant messaging and emailing. One of the benefit of using proxy
server is that you can open blocked websites like Facebook and other Social networking site.

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