Cut Is Faster Than Copy Paste

Cut Is Faster Than Copy Paste

 Why cut and paste is faster within the same drive. Have you seen time required to Cut and Paste the file on same drive location? Yes, Cut and Paste the file on same drive location is faster. Let’s see why?

When you add new file or folder to C:\ Drive, the operating system adds it’s location entry in FAT known as File Allocation Table. Your actual file or folder is kept at empty space on the disk. It’s something like index of the book.

If you want to move the file within same root C:\ drive, operating system only update the FAT of the drive. The actual location of file or folder never get changed. Only index of it get changed at the time of cut and paste within the same drive.

You may want to move the file from location C: drive to location D: drive. In such a scenario, the content of file or folder gets copied to new location and old entry of file on C: drive FAT gets removed.

Even if you have moved the file from C: to D: drive, the actual file content still exists on C: drive. Only FAT entry is removed.

This is how file recovery software can recover the deleted file. First file recovery program looks for the content of files. If there is missing entry of the file on FAT, it ask the user to name the file.


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