Disable Google Suggest

Disable Google Suggest

Google suggest saves your search time. It assists you like a friend. But it consumes bandwidth for each character you type. Autocomplete and Auto Search Results are two type of suggestions provided by Google. You can turn off or disable those suggestions by following below trick.If you arealreadyloged in to Google, look at top right corner of thGoogle page and click on Search settings. Here you can manage search settings related to below stuff.

SafeSearch filters

Google Instant predictions

Results per page

Where results open (Open searched results in new window).

Blocking unwanted results (Block unwanted results or block websites).

Manage web history

How to disable Google auto suggest search

Google really saves your time 2-5 seconds per search. However, you might consider to internet bandwidth
and turn off Google suggest.
Steps are very simple.

  1. Open Google inside search instant
  2. Search the link named Preferences found at FAQ section.
  3. Reason I'm not providing direct link because it will not work.
  4. Look at Google instant predictions and click on it to turn OFF.

    Disable Google suggest Turn Off Google Suggest
  5. Click on Save button.
  6. This will disable the search results as you type.
  7. You can turn On the settings and save to revert back the changes.

There are other setting too which will help you to personalize the browsing experience.
Safe search and web history are the settings you might want to personalize.

There is no way to disable Autocomplete. Google take care of bandwidth if you are connected to
low bandwidth. It will not suggest the search result as you type.

What is bandwidth is will explained here in below posts.
Web Hosting Bandwidth
Web Hosting Providers
Shared Hosting Bandwidth

How to prevent kids search or watching abusive contents?

Well, in Google preferences settings you can configure the default behaviour of Google Search. Once you open Google Preferences page, you can slide the slider of Safe Search from Moderate to Strict. This will ensures that the search on this browser is safe. Remember if you switch the broser from FF to IE or Chrome you again need to configure Google preference. It will remain as it is.

Google suggest not working in Safari,Firefox,IE or chrome

When you disable the google suggest, it creates a cookie at your browser. If cookies are disabled by browser then it will not work for you. Tip for enabling cookies can be found at various websites. Or you can look at settings of browser. Disable google suggestions settings will work again with your Firefox,Safari,IE or chrome browsers. You just need to enable the cookies and follow above steps to enable or disable suggestions by Google search.


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