Do Not Disturb Registry [dnd]

Do Not Disturb Registry [dnd]  

Are you tired of getting unwanted telemarketing calls? Are you getting unwanted SMS on phone? If answer is yes, this article is for you. Here we will see how to do registration of your phone numbers at national do not disturb call list. It is also known as dnd list.

National do not call [dnd] register.

You can send dnd request by sending message START DND to 1909. You can use any mobile operators or service providers. As soon you send DND request you will get notification about it and it will take effect from 45 day's of submission.

Where can I see DND list?

To know whether the number is in dnd list or not, you can open DND registration check site and type the mobile number or phone number there. After submitting number there, you will see message, "This Number is Registered in NDNC Registry Database" if it's in there data base.

do not disturb

List of telecom service provider who You need not explicitly tell airtel about your DND registration. As you sent message START DND to 1909, they also knows the same. You are in list of DND for more than 45 days and if you get unwanted message or telimarketing calls then you can

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Never give your mobile number to any one of the below.

1. Shopping molls.

2. Online or offline Contests.

3. Lucky draw.

4. Any Games.

5. Never send SMS to companies promoting to submit coupon codes found under bottle to open.

Never call back to international numbers. This is another tricky scam happening all over the India. Some one gives you miss call from international number and when you call back, it deducts money from your mobile account balance.


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