Facebook blocked

Facebook blocked

May be to improve the productivity of employees some organizations blocks Facebook at work.
Below are the techniques to open blocked Facebook.

Try mobile version of Facebook https://m.facebook.com/

or secure version of https://www.facebook.com/ 


  1. Facebook hosts file block.
  2. Bypass proxy firewall.
  3. Add Proxy address in IE or FireFox.
  4. Website to get to Facebook.

Facebook hosts file block

The hosts file exists at below mentioned path.


   where $ is the root name where you installed windows operating system.

  1. Hosts file has no extension and you can open it in notepad.
  2. Find the entries related to Facebook login or www.facebook.com and delete those entries.
  3. Save the file as it is.
  4. Open new internet explorer and type www.facebook.com
  5. Even you can delete the entire hosts file or move it to another folder.
  6. Entities to be removed from Hosts file www.facebook.com login.facebook.com apps.facebook.com blog.facebook.com
    The ip address and domain names shown above are for demo purpose. In your case those might be different.

Bypass proxy

First I will explain what is proxy server and how to get free proxy. Below figure shows basic network diagram of your office.

LAN diagram and Proxy server 
Fig. 1.

Proxy Server : Its a software which filters the outgoing request from your network to the internet. It is installed on your network server from where you get internet access.
Administrator of your network has rights to setup rules in proxy server. These rules can restrict the sites like Facbook.com, orkut.com or youtube.com. Our aim is to bypass the proxy server and get direct access to Facebook. You can try to open facebook.com using secure URL like Https:// instead of Http:// e.g. Https://www.facebook.com

Now, we will find the proxy server and add it into browser. After adding proxy server into browser, all request from your machine will go to proxy server and you will access the websites via proxy server.

  1. Open internet explorer and Click on Tools then Click on Internet options as shown in below figure.

  2. Internet options dialogue box will open. A default tab is “General”.
    Click on Connections tab. You will see Connection settings as shown in below figure

  3. Click on LAN Settings. Local Area Network settings will appear in dialogue box.

  4. Now, you need to add free proxy server address and port number as shown in figure above.
    Get proxy server and port number from site Proxy server list

    Proxy server list Fig.5.

Website to get to facebook

Below is a list of website which will let you browse blocked websites like Facebook at School.
or blocked games at school.

  1. Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously
  2. http://proxy.org/tor.shtml
  3. http://tools.rosinstrument.com/proxy/
  4. China http://www.freeproxyserver.ca/
  5. Online Anonymous Proxy

Above techniques not just let you unblock Face book but it also helps you to unblock other
blocked sites.

You can also use Google proxy designed for mobile users.

After using the proxy don’t forget to change user name and passwords of your browsed sites.

There are proxy address software which can change your proxy settings automatically. You can set those proxy settings manually as explained above.

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