Fake medical bills

Fake medical bills Fake-Medical-Bills

Fake medical bills can let you fall in very very big troubles. Before submitting fake bills think about your job security. Yes, companies may terminate your employment, if you are the victim of frauds. Even it is known to you, why fake medical bills. Instead directly get the copy of it from authorized medical shop owner.

Who makes fake medical bills

There various campaign running all over the market who can give you fake medical bills. You may have received emails from Gmail or Yahoo or Rediff or hotmail account about to get LTA medical bills etc. They offer you at 3% to 2% of bill amount. But Gentleman, it's a fake. It just a print out of medical bill. They knows the format of fake bills and any one can offer you hard copy or soft copy of it. If you get caught companies may take action against you. So, don't get involved in such activities.

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