Free Online Eye Test

Free Online Eye Test

It is advised to visit eyes doctor once in a two year span. Your busy schedule might not be allowing you
to do that. Here is information to get some hints about your vision. Before its too late, you can assign
few minutes and test your eyes online right here on your screen.

Here is your first online eyes testing website. There you need to tell the resolution of your screen and
adjust the distance 4’ or 5’ from the screen. Watch the screen and try to read the text. If you find any problem
while reading the text onscreen, consult eyes doctor.

The Online Eye Exam

It is flash based website. You may require to enable or download the Flash plug-in, if you don’t have it.

Online Color blindness test 

The Online Eye Exam

Tips : For the people who uses contact lenses it is advisable not to expose eyes in front of fire. There is a
story of guy at Barbeque Nation Restaurant who lost the eyes due to burning charcoal particle went inside
the eyes and melt the contact lenses. Doctor says he lost his vision permanently.

eyes vision testing

Here is quite long eye examination test.

online eye test chart

Eye care professional uses Snellen chart. It contains alpha numeric English characters of different sizes.

Summery We have seen various tests that you can perform while sitting next to your computer screen.
I have also given advise for contact lenses users.

Eyes are windows of Your Soul.