Ghost Dream: How to sleep well?

Ghost Dream: How to sleep well?

As per my research I’m publishing this post about my experience and what others say’s. It’s closely related to sleeping disorder.

Tip: Avoid watching horror films and listening to ghost stories.

Causes of bad dreams:

  1. Insufficient blood supply to brain during sleep. In this situation your brain awake and can’t move body. You feel helpless. Brain is not able to signal your body part. You start praying and become able to overcome the situation. People often relate this stuff with Devine power of God.
  2. You have your hand on a heart or it is pressurized by your own body weight.  
  3. You are highly stressed.
  4. You are sick or ill for long time.
  5. You are pregnant.

One ancient theory suggest that you should sleep South-North. As earth is a magnet and your head is north pole so it repels earth. Keep head directing towards South and feet towards North.

Sleep Paralysis:


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