Gmail Switch To Old Look

Gmail Switch To Old Look

Recently Gmail has switched to HTML5 with new look and some advanced features. However, people like me and you are not ready to accept this change. So, here is a trick to switch Gmail back to it’s old look.

Trick is very very simple. You just need to follow below instructions.


  1. Press Esc button of your keyboard when you see loading progress bar of Gmail.
  2. Look at bottom right corner text “Load Basic HTML”.
  3. Congratulation you are now switched back to old Gmail theme.


Click on Switch to Standard View and you will be redirected to new look.

Click on “Set basic HTML as default view” and it will keep your old look as default.

Actually, basic HTML view was designed for those who are accessing Gmail with low bandwidth. It’s very efficient and faster than any email client. It saves your lots of bandwidth.

The new Gmail look is very good with modern browser and windows 7 or above.

Reason I’m posting this is because many people are asking me to give them a trick.

If you have any comment, post it at above video. I will get back to you.


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