Gmail Password Protection

Gmail Password Protection

  You might be knowing that 1000's of online account get hacked daily.
Most of the victim was hunted by phishing or another trick like spyware.
Well, that's not a concern of this post. Here I will explain how to protect your Gmail or Google accounts using
2 step verification provided by Google.

The 2 Step verification provides extra security layer with your existing login mechanism.

After signing process you have to provide security code received on mobile via
SMS or Android smart phone application or code heard via voice message.
You would be able to login only when you provide all the details correctly.

This posts covers following topics.

1. Configuration of 2 step verification.
2. How it works.
3. Forgot password and important backup codes.
4. Security tips.

1. Configuration of 2 step verification.

As shown in fig. 1., you first need to sign in at
At top right corner you can see login status. Click on your account name to open Google account settings.

goole account

Inside the edit profile page find link to open Google account settings as shown in Fig 2. If you are already at Google account settings page, look
at the section called Personal Settings as shown in fig 3.




The security section has a link to activate your 2 step verification mode.
The system will open wizard steps to configure 2 step verification.

Click Start Setup to configure your 2 step verification as shown in Fig. 4.

ProtetYour Account


Step 1

 As shown in Fig. 5. you have to select the country, enter your mobile number and select the way of getting security code
Via SMS or voice message or Smart Phone Android enable application.
Confirm the code received and proceed to next step.



Step 2

  As shown in Fig 6. You will get backup codes which are once usable. These codes are very helpful where you don’t have network access to your mobile
or while travelling etc.
Print those codes or save the text file at safe location.


Fig. 6.

Step 3.
Confirm to activate 2 step verification. You are able to turn it Off in case you found it difficult.

Click Turn On 2 step verification.

Add Backup phone number.




2. How it works.

   After signing to Google using your credentials you get security code via SMS or the way how you set to receive the message.
That code you need to enter in security code box on next page. If that auto generated security code matches
Google authorize you to access your account. If you are the frequently uses the same machine to login Google accounts, you can
set remember me on this machine for 30days. 
You or anyone else who knows your password tries to login using other machine would not be able to access without security code
or backup code.

3. Forgot password and important backup codes.

In case you forgot your password you can use  2 step verification to regenerate new password.
Also if you lost cell phone you can use backup codes to regenerate your password.

4. Security tips. 

1.     Keep the email recipients  in CC WHY?
If you look at forgot password there is one option where Google system ask you to enter your recent contacts.

2.   How fishing works or how some one can hack your password

1. Do not open a link directly sent by your friend. If you want to open copy the link and open it in new browser.
2. Clear cookies and temorary files before accessing and after use of sinsitive sites like bank or purchasing online.

3. Last account activity and setup alerts for susceptible activities. You can see details of IP address and time
   click on details link found at bottom right corner of your Gmail page.

Keep visiting this page for more security tips and tricks.

Protect your self and don’t be a next victim of hacked account.

account activity


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