Google Online calculator and other functionality to convert units.

Google Online calculator and other functionality to convert units.

Google search engine itself is Google online calculator. In this post we will see what kind of calculation you can do online with Google search engine. For performing any calculation, you need to open

Arithmetic operations with Google calculator

You can do Addition,Subtraction,multiplication and division by just typing the text like below one in Google search and hit GO button to get expected results. 123 + 456 -45 * (10/5) Result: 489

Trigonometric Operations

You can even type Sin(60) , Cos(30) kind of trigonometric functions to get result For example: sin(30) + 30 + 50 + tan(45) + Cos(60) Result: 79.6793306

You can also perform conversion of units

For example: type below text in Google 1 kg to lbs result: 1 kilogram = 2.20462262 pounds. Even more you can convert bytes to Megabytes, liters to milliliters or gallon etc.

You may find Google suggest an interesting stuff like disable or enable Google suggestions. You mught have seen recent changes to Gmail email and you want to get previous look of it.


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