Google – Search settings

Google – Search settings

Google recently introduced site search results with personal +1 and your friends results in search. You can disable hide those results anonymously for current browser or disable personal search result by login to Google. Each time when you search the Google instant will show you those results and it's hectic to disable all the time. Isn't it good idea to change the settings by login to Google? Let's see how to configure search settings.

Google Hide Personal Results settings

After login to Google follow below steps.

  • Open settings found at top right cornet with an icon of Gear
  • Click on Search Settings.
  • Here you can block the specific site or any site from displaying into the search result
  • Configure the Safe Search
  • Configure Instant prediction of search results as you type. Default suggestions are on, when you are connected to internet via high speed broad band.
  • Never show instant results allows you to configure number of search results per page.
  • Save The settings to take instant effect. Enjoy the smooth searching.
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