HTML5 Slider control and JavaScript

HTML5 Slider control and JavaScript

In this tutorial I will show you how to create and use slider control in HTML5. I recommend you try this code in Chrome browser because it is the only browser which supports almost all HTML5 controls.

This control can be very useful for the people who don’t want to type in numbers or navigate pages etc. There are many opportunities to show slider control instead of input Text box to get numbers from users.

<input type="range"   
onChange="sliderChanged(this.value);" >

Slider Control attributes Description

min is the minimum value of sliding control that slider can have.

max is the maximum value that slider control can have.

value Default selected value of slider control. In my case it is displaced at 12 unit.

step When slider will change it will step in by 5 in my case.

onChange It’s an event which occurs when user actually moves the slider. I’m calling sliderChanged JavaScript function onChange event. Also, I’m passing the changed value to JavaScript function.

HTML5 Slider Control Example

<!document html>
<Title> Html5 Slider Control. </Title>
  function sliderChanged(x)
     document.getElementById('span1').innerHTML = x ;     


<input type="range"    min="0" max="90" value="12" step="5" onChange="sliderChanged(this.value);" >


Slider Changed Value is: <span id="span1" >12</span>

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