Hack BSNL Broadband

Hack BSNL Broadband

Some one told me it’s not possible and I shown them how it works.
Watch the below video and hopefully you will change the default password of your ADSL.


The intention of this video is not to hack anyone but to let people understand the importance of security.
People fall in trouble because of their own mistakes.

Video above also describes how to configure new administrative password of ADSL modem.

Security Notes

  1. For security reason don’t ever access the PC without login. Disable access for guest accounts.
    Always change the default passwords of newly installed computer hardwires.
  2. Whenever accessing bank accounts or doing transactions always open internet in private mode.
    Open internet explorer => Tools => InPrivate Browsing.
  3. Don’t share your passwords with others.
  4. When you submit confidential information like password make sure that the browser uses “ https:// “
    instead of “ http:// ”.
  5. Don’t use name of loved ones as your password. People uses there GF/BF or daughter or Sun’s name as
    password. Avoid using such easy guess for hackers.

Benefits of typing password securely

Type password securely using virtual keyboard or by following below technique.
or watch video below

This way software or hardware key logger will not trap the correct sequence of the key pressed
by you.

Follow such simple ways to secure yourself and others in this arena of Information and Technology.


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