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This post mainly focus on TOR and proxy sites to hide your IP address. You can download the best Hide my IP address software or tools like TOR.

  Protect the privacy while you are online is very important. When you connect to internet your ISP (internet service provider) assigns one public IP address to your computer. While surfing on the internet your IP
address get transferred and get recorded at websites server you visit. If somehow you able to hide your IP address, it will become very difficult to trace your internet activity.

The Onion Router (TOR) Its Free and open source browser client.
TOR is a software which routes internet traffic via network of servers worldwide. It helps to protect the IP address
while you Blog, post, email Reading/Sending, instant messaging and visits websites etc.
It is open source project and network usages are free of charge. When you enter the TOR network the information
sent and received are secure with TOR encryption/decryption algorithms.

Download TOR software:

  1. Tor Project: Anonymity Online
  2. Tor Browser Bundle

How to use TOR:

As shown in Fig.1.
Start The TOR. It will connect TOR client running at your end to TOR network.

Tor setup

It will automatically opens Aurora FireFox. It shows Congratulations screen and your TOR IP address.
Now, open the site http://whatismyipaddress.com
It will show you the IP address assigned by TOR to your network. You can enjoy surfing on internet without getting traced. 


By clicking on TOR icon in Firefox Aurora you can get the new identity.
you can also protect the cookies via TOR.
You don’t need to download outbox hide my IP clients.

TOR is 100% Free and its HTTPS everywhere is combined project of Firefox and TOR


Website proxy servers

List of proxy websites. You can browse the blocked websites via below proxy websites.
It acts like intermediate client. The website you are visiting sees the public IP address of proxy servers and not the IP address assigned to you by ISP (Your internet service provider).

  1. Proxify
  2. Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously
  3. proxite.me :: anonymous, uncensored free web proxy browsing. Fast web proxy, 110 Gbit Network.
  4. http://www.proxysites.net/

Website proxy servers doesn’t requires software downloads. Access the blocked web sites via proxy web sites is very simple.

There are so many software and online proxy server sites. The best one are explained here. Not all proxy sites
are secure and to whom you can submit sensitive information.

The websites like Gmail.com, Facebook.com, yahoo.com, twitter.com and Youtube.com are blocked at many organization. Untraceably you can enjoy those sites by TOR or web proxy sites.  Its very simple to use and configure TOR software client. TOR is absolutely Free Hide my IP address software client.

Note: Torrent download and TOR is bad configuration. Never use Torrent while browsing with TOR.
User can change the identity at any time while browsing. Its very simple to use. You can also see the world network graph of TOR. I’m sure you will love the application called TOR (The onion router). and Https anywhere combined project of Firefox and TOR.

How Tor works: http://tor.eff.org

Discussion about How Tor network works for you.

How to use TOR

How to configure TOR at my machine.

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