How To Boost Internet Speed And Browsing Experience?

How To Boost Internet Speed And Browsing Experience?

Answer to above question is Open DNS. Yes, open DNS is free for home users. Some features like parental control are paid versions. It also protects you from malware web sites.

Even you are having broadband connection you can improve the speed performance of internet. I was having trouble with my BSNL broadband connection so I changed my BSNL DNS to open DNS and I saw great performance boost in internet browsing.

Let’s see how I have configure it.

  1. Start => Control Panel.
  2. Network Connections => Select your network.
  3. Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). as shown in below image. 
  4. Click on Properties it will open below dialog to add DNS entries. 
  5. In above image, you can see my open DNS preferred and Alternate DNS entries.
  6. Note: Remember to note down your old entries as If solution didn’t worked, you can revert DNS values to old one.
  7. Reboot the system and connect to internet.
  8. If you see performance boost in internet using Open DNS. Thanks to open DNS.


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