How to change facebook name

How to change facebook name

Facebook is most loved and widely used social networking website portal till today. People don’t get stuck on Google but in case of Facebook scenario is different. The exit ratio of users on Google is quite higher than Facebook. People hang on Facebook.

You can get the quick traffic stat by using www.alexa.comand compare any website. Site Info


The site brings such kind of traffic reports by analyzing with there plug-in installed
by you and third party web analytics data.
The reason I’m showing you those traffic stat is to let you know the power of Facebook as of today.
Microsoft’s is tightly coupled with Facebook. which provides quality search
results as compared to others.



How do I change my name on Face book


There are situations where you may want to change the name legally on Facebook or you may want to protect
your privacy on such big internet network of Real and Fake peoples.

  1. First you need to login at using your credentials.
  2. Look at the top right corner and find a link named Account Settings as shown in below image.

  3. After opening the account settings you will see below name section.


    The General account Settings shows your first name and last name.
  4. Click on Edit link.


    Now, you can change the appropriate name. Don’t forget to enter the password.
    Save the changes and logout.
  5. Your name is changed now.

Bypass facebook name change limit.

Watch below video to bypass the name change limit. Its pretty simple trick. You just need to tell facebook support
your seems hacked and complete the steps.

Note: You are opening security loop hole by sharing personal information on social networking sites.

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