How to earn money with android phone

How to earn money with android phone

Do you know your one android mobile phone can be turned into money making machine. Well, it’s not the way to get rich quick but you can really make awesome money.

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First you should have good android mobile phone and unlimited download broadband internet connection with WiFi modem.


Connect your Android Wifi with your home broad band internet connection. Download the application named AppTrailers from Google Play formerly known as Android Market.

  1. Install this application and open it to get started.
  2. Watch the 10sec to 15sec advertise on AppTrailers. you get 5 to 10 points.
  3. It takes almost 1hr / 1.5hr to get 150 points.
  4. You can redeem those points that you earned while watching video advertise or installing suggested applications on your device for testing.
  5. Redeem those points into Cash using your paypal account. or other options like amazon etc.
  6. 150 points corresponds to $0.13. Based on these calculation your device can earn $1 in an hour.
  7. Once you redeem for cash via paypal, your paypal account gets credited instantly within 60sec.
  8. It also requires you to login via FaceBook.

If you have 5 android devices like Sony Xperia or Samsung Galxy S3 or higher. you can earn $5/hr.

Earning = 5 x 24 = $120 per day.

How to earn money with PayPal account using AppTrailers and android device

You may don’t have PayPal account. You can open a new secure PayPal account you can use it like a payment gateway. You can install the scripts to accept payment on your website or from your friends having PayPal account etc.

You must be verified by PayPal by providing correct information like Pan number and bank details etc.

It may take 30 days to get verified. If you contact them on phone they may speedup the verifying your account procedure.

You can open new PayPal account at

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