How to hide FeedJit Widget

How to hide FeedJit Widget How to hide feedjit widget

How to hide FeedJit widget from getting displayed to other web visitors? Here is a trick which will let you hide the live traffic for other users. Visitors will never know about the feedjit widget on your web site. I will also show you how to open such hidden feeds for web master use only.

Trick is very simple. You might have inserted the Feedjit widjit code in HTML DIV control. Hide the visibility of that Div control and make it hidden for the users. It will not affect the feedjit traffic feeds.

Example: <div id=”feed” style=’visibility:hidden;’ > Your Feedjit code goes here </div> 

How to open hidden feedJit? Well, you need to remember the URL of real-time traffic feeds. It appears something like below URL. Replace it with your domain name.


Google Analytics is now showing real-time feeds to webmasters. You need to upgrade your Google analytics to new version of it.


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