How to read Gmail in Yahoo mail

How to read Gmail in Yahoo mail

Gmail allows you to configure your email clients like Outlook or web email client or
mobile email client. Before configuring third party email client you have to configure your
Gmail settings. This post describes various settings of Gmail. 
After login to Gmail click on setting icon (gear wheel) found at top right corner as shown in
below figure.


You can see default General settings tab.

email settings
1. Click on tab Forwarding and POP/IMAP link.

Forward email settings


2. Inside the forwarding section you can select Forward a copy of incoming email to
    your yahoo email and select appropriate options whether to keep copy in side Gmail after
    forwarding or not.
3. You can forward incoming email to other email addresses of Hotmail or your personal email
    account too.

Gmail pop email settings for outlook

Before configuring your Outlook email settings for Gmail, you need to configure
POP email settings of Gmail as shown in below image.


1. Click on Enable POP for all mail to download all emails of Gmail.
2. Click on Enable POP for mail that arrives from now onwards.
   (Note: option 2 will not download your old emails to outlook)

3. Disable POP to disallow Gmail emails from accessed by Email Clients.
4. Take appropriate actions when message are accessed with POP.
   You can keep the copy at Gmail email server or Delete.

5. Configure your outllok POP and SMTP address and ports.

Outlook 2007 - Gmail Help

Gmail POP and SMTP settings

Gmail uses secure layer for sending and receiving emails
1. For Reading email it uses 
    POP server address port number 995
2. For sending email it uses
   SMTP server address port nuber 587 

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