How to remove Security Tags

How to remove Security Tags

Most of the shopping mall or centers uses RFID technology to track their Items. Clothes are the most common
items sold at shopping centers. Why do I need to know about those security tags? This article describes how
items are getting tracked and why do I need to remove those security tags manually.

RFID : Radio-Frequency Identification is a technology which uses radio waves to transmit the data stored
inside electronic tags. RFID readers are mounted at the EXIT gates of shopping centers or retailers.
Reader can read the data from those electronic tags at several distance or beyond the line of site.
Most companies store the information about their goods like Mobile phones, computer accessories, books,
clothes and many more inside RFID chips. This information stored inside security tags helps to manage

How RFID System Works?
RFID tags are attached to items. If you carry those items across the RFID reader mounted at exit gate of
shopping malls or centers, Reader starts signaling or alarming and you would be caught as a thief :]
Note: RFID reader fails during power failure at shopping centers and you can steal the goods :D 

Tracking with RFID tag is intelligent and efficient way of tracking and recording the items information as
compared to barcode manual items handling mechanism.

Types of RFID tags.

Passive RFID tag : It doesn’t contain internal battery power supply. Those tags can’t generate and transfer the
information to recognition terminals. It gets activated when it comes inside the RFID reader range.

Active RFID tag : It contains internal battery power supply and can transmit the information to external RFID
readers. It is used at production supply chain and life of tag is as long as the life of battery power supply up to
2 or 3 years.

Why do I need to remove those tags before washing or wearing?

Answer is simple: If you walk inside the shopping mall by wearing those tagged clothes, the security system
will identify it and security guard would not allow you to go inside the shop or mall.

Remove Security Tag Clothes


As shown in above picture you can carefully remove security tags using scissor.

How To Remove Store Security Tags

Watch the video below to detach the store security tags. You may want to get one detacher for you.
Where can I get that detacher :) Answer is pretty simple.
You can create your own one. It’s rare earth strong magnet. You can get it from
damaged hard disk drive.

First watch the video about how do I get Rare earth magnet.

Now, watch how to remove the shoppers security tags.

Note: This article is for educational purpose and it’s not promoting or guiding the audience to steal the Goods or items from shopping malls or retailers.

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