How to select multiple columns in Linq- code

How to select multiple columns in Linq- code Linq select multiple columns.

You want to select multiple columns using Linq query. Here are and examples. We will query Products table of North wind sample database and select three columns out of it.

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C# Linq select multiple columns to list.

void Main()
    var products = from productList in  Products
                   select new { NameOfProduct = productList.ProductName
                                 , Price = productList.UnitPrice  
                              , Category = productList.CategoryID

Equivalent SQL query.

SELECT [t0].[ProductName] AS [NameOfProduct], [t0].[UnitPrice] AS [Price], [t0].[CategoryID] AS [Category]
FROM [Products] AS [t0] Linq to select multiple columns.

Private Sub Main()

	Dim products__1 = From productList In ProductsNew With { _
		Key .NameOfProduct = productList.ProductName, _
		Key .Price = productList.UnitPrice, _
		Key .Category = productList.CategoryID _

End Sub

In select statement we are giving anonymous names to actual columns in table.

Extension method to select multiple columns.

   .Select (
      productList => 
            NameOfProduct = productList.ProductName, 
            Price = productList.UnitPrice, 
            Category = productList.CategoryID

Linq select all columns query.

void Main()
    var products = from productList in  Products
                   select productList;

Extension method select all columns.

   .Select (productList => productList)

Equivalent Select query.

SELECT [t0].[ProductID], [t0].[ProductName], [t0].[SupplierID], [t0].[CategoryID], [t0].[QuantityPerUnit], [t0].[UnitPrice], [t0].[UnitsInStock], [t0].[UnitsOnOrder], [t0].[ReorderLevel], [t0].[Discontinued]
FROM [Products] AS [t0]


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