How to set default browser

How to set default browser

There are many browsers used extensively. The internet explorer is one of the widely used browser in
this world. You may have installed other browsers on windows and might be you made it default browser.
You may want to switch the Default browser to another one. This post will guide you how to do that.
Follow below simple steps to find default browser

  1. Click on Start button of windows.
  2. Open control Panel.
  3. Click on Add / Remove Icon.
  4. Add or Remove window will open.
  5. Click on Set Program Access and Defaults found at the bottom.
    default browser access
  6. As shown in below image select custom.

    make default browser
  7. Select Google Chrome and click ok to make Google default browser.
  8. Select Internet Explorer and click OK to make IE default browser.
  9. Select Mozilla Firefox and click OK to make Mozilla default browser.
  10. Select Opera and click OK to make opera default browser.
  11. Select Safari and click OK to make Safari default browser.

You can also enable or disable the browser by selecting appropriate right next to the Browser list as
shown in above image.
If you are Website Designer or Software Developer or Software Engineer you may found those settings very

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