How to use Google analytics

How to use Google analytics

You come here to know how to setup Google analytics on your page or website. Here I will train you
to step by step configuration of Google analytics script and how to setup it on your page/website in
very short steps.

What is Google analytics

Its a free product of Google. where, website owners or Webmasters or Bloggers can track visitors activity on their
websites or blogs. Google account ( Gmail ) is mandatory to access Google analytics. First you need to have a website or at least blogger account to setup Google accounts on it. You can use existing Google account to Sign in at

Blogger: Create your free Blog

Create blog account and post the your blog. How to create blog or website I will explain in later posts.
I assume that you are familiar with below Important Html tags.

   <Head> … </Head>
    <body> …
       <form> …

These four Tags are require to validate the page as Html page. Lets go back to our main topic of this post.

Google analytics login

Click here to login or sign up Google Analytics with Google credentials. As I already maintained earlier
to access analytics account you must have Google account ( Gmail ).

Step 1

  1. Click on Analytics Settings (Top Left Corner).
  2. Look at My Analytics Accounts drop down list (Top Right Corner).
  3. Select Create New Account and Sign UP.
  4. Enter Website’s URL, Account name etc. and click continue button.
  5. After filling appropriate information. Add Tracking step will come.
  6. Add Tracking will give you Google code that you need to place on website pages whose visits
    you would like to track.
  7. Copy the code and Finish the steps.

Step 2
Come to your website or blog and paste the code inside that DIV tag at the end of body tag as shown below.

   <Head> … </Head>
    <body> …
       <form> …

Paste the Google analytics code here.

Step 3
Come back to Google analytics account and look at the status of code. The Website profiles dashboard will
show you the status of code. If it is marked green, it means you have successfully installed the code else wait
for some time to let Google crawl your page.

Benefits of using Google Analytics on your website.

  1. Monitors Visitors activity.
  2. Landing page summery.
  3. Most viewed pages.
  4. New visit or returning visitor.
  5. Geographical visitors tracking.

    Geographical visit monitoring
  6. Track the Environment used by visitor like (Operating system, Browser type and version, Screen resolution etc..)
    Google analytics dashboard
  7. Track traffic sources.
  8. Goal settings and Link to ad sense account also.
  9. Keywords tracking.
  10. Adwards tracking.
  11. Setup Campaigns.
  12. Get list of Referring sites.
  13. Custom Reports and Page Views.
  14. Bounce Rate and Average time on Site or Average Time on page.
  15. Exit Rate.
  16. User defined variables and custom variables.

Have patience to let you get visitors on website or blog. Write original contents.
In my next post I will explain how to configure online Traffic monitor like one you can see on my site.

Feedjit Live - Updating in real-time

Recently Google analytics changed their website theme to let user experiance HTML 5.
They are not using Adbobe Flash anymore.
Now, you can watch the traffic and user interaction with website Real-Time.
Google analytics is more secure and your traffic would not get shared with any other users or compitators.
I prefer Google analytics.


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