HttpRunTime is one of the element of web.config file. web.config inherits machine.config file and here you can override default behaviour of settings stored in machine.config.

httpRuntime is node of System.Web element.

<httpRuntime useFullyQualifiedRedirectUrl="true|false"
             maxRequestLength="size in kbytes"
             minFreeThreads="number of threads"
             minFreeLocalRequestFreeThreads="number of threads"
             appRequestQueueLimit="number of requests"
             versionHeader="version string"/>

Make it false if client dowen't require it. Some client requires fully qualified url
like while redirecting the user.

you can control the maximum file upload size. It is useful for preventing denial of
service attacks caused by users posting large file to the server. Default is 4096KB (4 MB)
by configuring this atribute you can control the max file size of upload.

Using this time in second, you can let the request execute before it is automatically
shut down by

The maximum number of requests that ASP.NET will queue for the application. When there are not enough free threads to process a request, the requests are queued.
Incoming requests will be rejected with a "503 - Server Too Busy" error when the queue exceeds the limit specified in this setting.





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