Internet connection not responding

Internet connection not responding

Internet connection was not responding, what should I do before calling internet service provider and waiting for them to come and fix? Here are very simple steps to make sure that there is problem from internet service provider.

Check connection with ADSL modem.

Step 1. Open below URL in internet explorer [IE] or Mozilla Fire Fox browser [FF]. URL:

Check ADSL Modem Connection. As shown in above image, Connect to dialogue box will appear on screen.

Step 2. Enter ADSL modem credentials. Default credentials are 
User:      admin
password:  admin

If you see the popup shown in figure, this indicates that there is no problem with your computer connection and modem.

Step 3: Open settings of modem and reboot the ADSL modem. Wait for minute and open your favorite website.

Step 4: If you are not getting connected, recheck all cables connection with ADSL and computer.

Step 5: If you still not able to connect, contact internet service provider. Definitely there is problem at internet services  provider.

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