Issued In Public Interest

Issued In Public Interest

Here are those steps to create disposable EMail  Id.

forward it to 1..... friends.. . .

God will not punish you,

Even you will not get any good luck in next 30 min. .. . .

Even your son will not die... . .

Still forward it to every one ......

If you keep this email with you nothing will happen ...

Next Step.

1. How to purchace online?
2. How to identify the fake sites?
3. How to do secure transaction ?
4. Where to trust?
5. Why PayPal ? How to create Disposable Credit Card Numbers ?

If you are on the way to take one baby step. Don't be shy to ask  me questions.. . .
 I will love to answer the Questions.............. .. .

Lots of spammers and malicious Programs are here in this virtual networks.
1.For saecurity reason don't click the link provided
  in scraps even it is coming from your friend.[I can tell you why?]

2.Don't share your contacts with third party sites
  like birthday reminder, free sms.. etc. They uses it
  for scam, our mobile nos. gets sold and we start
  receiving nonsense calls from
  insurance companies,banks... .etc.
  Don't share your birth date or others DOB, the reason is most of the time it is being asked while recovering your password...!!!
  Don't use third party free sites for inviting the people on occassions. (This is anothere way of growing email list).

3.Don't give the CC info to any of the site which is
  unknown to you.

4. Keep everybody in BCC while forwarding emails to others

5. Use PayPal for secure transaction.

Can you spot Phishing ?  (True / False)

Q 1. Phishing is a form of fraud designed specifically to steal your identity.
Ans. True
Usually, a phishing email will have a fake story that’s designed to lure you into clicking a link or button in the email or calling a phone number.
The sender is trying to steal your identity by tricking you into revealing your password or other personal information.

Q 2. You can be sure that an email is valid based on the sender’s email address.
Ans False
You may be tempted, but don’t trust an email address. It’s pretty easy to alter and is not an indication of whether the email is real or not.

Upgrade your Browser

One of the simplest and most important things you can do to protect yourself is to upgrade your browser to one with anti-phishing features
– like Internet Explorer 7 or later versions.
It’ll take just a few minutes and you’ll be protected with the most up-to-date security available.

( God ) please save innocents from getting involved in such stupid activities :( .
There is no free money, short cut , or Magic in this world. Please make sense.

- Satalaj


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