LCD Vs LED Vs (Edge Led) Televisions.

LCD Vs LED Vs (Edge Led) Televisions.

Now days there is big demand for high quality television and audio systems. There three types of televisions available in market for you. LCD TV,Led TV and Edge Led TV. In this article we will see what's a difference between those most loved flat TVs. We will also see about resolution and best DVR or Set Top box for you in India. Popular DTH service brands are Dish TV, TataSky, AirTel, Big TV and Videocon. I will show you which one is best for your vision and what are they offering.

LCD Vs LED Vs (Edge Led) Televisions.

  What happens to vision when you choose your TV. You can see clear difference between LCD TV, LED TV and Edge LED TV.

There are some companies in the market who sells Edge LED TV as LED TV. Before purchasing make sure you have all required specification with you as a check list. Don't forget to read specification and features. Remember only LED TV and Edge LED to can simulate 3D pictures. Meaning is that you can view 3D movies on screen. There is no need to have movie content in 3D. You can watch and convert any 2D movies into simulated 3D movies. To get high performance of 3D viewing clean the 3D sensors of 3D goggles and TV.

Which one is best set top box or DVR for my TV

For the TV which supports good quality of audio and video in High definition [HD], use AirTel DTH HD. Some unique features of AirTel DTH are.

Airtel DTH really makes sense. why?

1. supports 3D Picture.

2. Dolby Digital plus. It supports Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound for theatre like experience right in your living room. This Airtel DTH feature is not good for poor sound quality TV. But if you have home theater you can :)enjoy it. Note: Tata sky very poor mono quality sound outputs :( very bad experience using TataSky DTH.
Really nonsense product and service.

3. wide aspect ratio. It has 16:9 aspect ratio. Means True HD view.

4. HDMI output. High Definition multimedia interface HDMI output. If your TV has HDMI input, go for AirTel DTH service. As it supports HDMI output instead of traditional S-VGA cable output.

5. It has MPEG4 technology

6. Universal Remote. Means you can operate your TV control as well as Airtel DTH using same remote.

7. Better look of DTH DVR.

Which one is Better TV.

1. First it has to be LED to with surround sound system or Home theater.

2. Can do 2D to 3D simulation on demand.

3. TV's are social now. It should be internet ready. You can watch YouTube on TV or browse internet or FaceBook. you can use Skype on it.

4. Should have wi-fi interface and USB drive. You can enjoy watching pictures, songs and movies stored in USB on TV.

5. It must have HDMI input drives to view better quality and performance.

6. Can take PC input via HDMI or VGA cable.

7. Should support home theater system. (BOSCH) home theater system (It's costly but make sense).

8. LAN cable support is optional.

9. Presence sensor and other features to go stand bye.

Plasma TV

Plasma TV

It has super quality of picture. However, the TV panel can burn if you don't have air conditioner in ROOM. It's cost is very less as compared to LCD,LED and Edge LED. From my opinion don't go for such Plasma TV.

Personal note

1. No one watch TV in 3D mode regularly. So there is no point to purchase 3D TV. It's good for playing 3D games on it.

2. If you purchase LCD TV with HD DTH service, you can enjoy the same experiance and quality of picture on LCD 1080p HD TV.

3. Don;t save money and buy Plasma TV. It get's burn, but its picture quality is superior than all those TV in the market.

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