Launch of my personal blog

Launch of my personal blog

Today, I'm very happy to launch

1. Site provides blogging platform for all.
2. Contact me to create your own space for your own blog or
3. You can write for us on either site.

Lot's more to come 


Join us at

Site bast viewed in All Modern brosers.





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My name is Satalaj, but people call me Sat. Here is my homepage: . I live in Pune, PN and work as a Software Engineer. I'm former MVP in year 2010.
Disclaimer: Views or opinion expressed here are my personal research and it has nothing to do with my employer. You are free to use the code, ideas/hints in your projects. However, you should not copy and paste my original content to other web sites. Feel free to copy or extend the code.
If you want to fight with me, this website is not for you.

I'm Satalaj.