Linq Get Duplicate Count Of Words From String

Linq Get Duplicate Count Of Words From String

Linq Duplicate Words From String. Let’s see how to get duplicate words from string using Linq group by syntax. In upcoming chapter we will see Group by clause in more details. Linq Group by Multiple Columns example.

  1. Linq Chapter 1 – Split string to list of strings.
  2. Linq Chapter 2 – Remove duplicates from list.
  3. Linq Chapter 3 – Linq Where Clause.
  4. Linq Chapter 4 – Linq Group by multiple clause.
  5. Linq Chapter 5 – Linq Inner Join query.
  6. Linq Chapter 6 – Linq Distinct list.
  7. Linq Chapter 7 – Linq OfType Method. Linq count words.

void Main()
 var arrString = "Hello Satalaj, I'm calling you as a Satalaj. How are you Satalaj.".Split(" ".ToCharArray());
 var duplicates = from wordCollection in arrString
                  group wordCollection by wordCollection   into g
                  where g.Count() > 1
                  select new { g.Key, Count = g.Count() } ;                                           

Output shows found words.

Key Count
you 2
Satalaj. 2

Var duplicate is of IEnumerable type and holds the output of Linq expression.

We are grouping the words from string and filtering the result using where statement in Linq.

This example is quite difficult to understand for beginners. Believe me, once you learn Group by clause explained here with entity you will never forget it.


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