MS SQL server mirroring remove end points master key

MS SQL server mirroring remove end points master key
You can create a master key in your SQL server

create master key encryption by password = 'abc123!!';

If you get below error

There is already a master key in the database. Please drop it before performing this statement.

you can remove existing master key

Drop Master key

If you ge below error

Cannot drop master key because certificate 'HOST_B_cert' is encrypted by it.

You need to delete that end points.

You can get list of All end Points by executing below query

Use Master

* from sys.EndPoints

Drop endpoint endpoint_mirroring

Now, you can drop the Certificates associated with that endPoint

Drop certificate Host_My_certificate_name

Then you can drop Master Key

Drop Master key

If you create new Master Key using encryption by passowd, you may receive below error.

"An error occurred during decryption"

You can fix this by force fully auto generating the key using Force option and later generate your own key


The alter database for this partner config values may only be initiated on the current principal server for database "DBNAMe".

Means you need to set partner for witness on current Principal server


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