Monitor is flickering

Monitor is flickering

Here we will see how to stop flickering of monitor. It can be a LCD monitor or Laptop monitor or CRT monitor. There are various brands of monitor providers available in the market. Samsung, Acer and LG are widely used monitors for PC. We will also see what are the problems of monitor.

Change refresh rate of monitor.

My Monitor Flickering 1. Open control panel and click on Display Icon or just right click on desktop and then open properties.

Monitor Display Properties 2. As sown in image above, you need to click on Settings tab. There is advanced button, which will open advanced settings of default monitor.

Monitor Settings Refresh Rate 3. Default tab is General settings, click on Monitor tab to adjust Screen refresh rate as shown in above image. Make high refresh rate if monitor is flickering a lot.

4. Click on OK and Apply the settings. Now, your monitor will not flicker. Also, adjust the screen resolution to support new refresh rate if required.

Monitor goes black or switching On and Off

It's very common problem when you apply new settings for monitor and it goes off. What to do if it happens with your monitor. Try to boot PC using Safe mode. In safe mode create new user or user profile. Reboot the computer in normal mode and login with new user. Before changing settings of computer don't forget to take backup of registry or create restore point. It will help you restore if anything goes wrong. You can restore the registry using DOS commands also. If monitor is not displaying any thing on screen, make sure you have plugged VGA data cable properly or tighten the connection.

Monitor problem

Monitor is displaying red, green and some times blue colors. You might have not plugged the VGA data cable properly. You may require to change the VGA cable, it might be a problem with VGA cable.

Monitor is still flickering after changing refresh rate. There might be a problem with VGA cable or with monitor itself. You might have low power supply. You must use stabilizer or Uninterrupted power supply [UPS].

Take care of monitors

1. Don't forget to switch Off monitors after use.

2. Don't keep turned on laptop in bag. It may burn due to extensive heat due to inappropriate ventilation.

3. Don't wash the screen with direct water on it.

4. Make sure you have proper earthling power supply.

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