Remove Toolbars

Remove Toolbars

Are you tired of browser speed?

Do you have toolbars in IE browser like shown in fig. below?

Remove toolbars

There are so many unwanted toolbars inside a browser. The most common toolbars are
NCH Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, Google Toolbar and many more.
Those toolbars consumes lots of memory and degrades the performance of browsers.
You can avoid loading of those toolbars by opening browsers inPrivate mode.

To open browser in private mode click on Tools >> InPrivate Browsing.

Benefits of removing or deleting the toolbars.

  1. Security
  2. performance gain while you browse the websites.
  3. No tracking of your online activity by third-party plug-in.
  4. Increase the area of viewing websites.

You will immediately experience the performance boost. Opens the browser in fraction of second.

How to remove or delete toolbars completely and set default website page?

Watch below video for more information. We have removed all unwanted toolbars from machine.


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