Remove Windows XP Startup Services

Remove Windows XP Startup Services

Remove Windows XP Startup Services. Are you tired of killing the unwanted processes? Here is a solution to remove those services which slower your pc. Guidelines provided here are specific to windows operating system. I'm explaining how to remove windows XP startup services temporarily.

Next time when you boot your machine the services will not start automatically and you don't need to wait for machine to respond. You can see performance boost in other applications also, as more resources are free to serve the application.

Configure MS configuration startup services

Follow below steps to open MS configuration utility. There is startup tab to configure startup services. Let's see how to configure.

  1. Click on Start then type MSCONFIG at RUN.
  2. System Configuration Utility dialogue box will open.
  3. Click on Startup TAB.
  4. Uncheck the unwanted services from startup.
  5. Hit Apply button then ok.
  6. System will ask you to reboot. Click ok to reboot the system.

Note: Do not touch other sensitive information without knowing it. It may stop your system from booting normally.

To keep your PC up-to-date, perform scanning for viruses and get latest patch from Windows.

Always use updated version of IE,Chrome or Firefox browser. Have a knowledge of windows registry settings and other utilities like Task Manager, services.msc and how to start and stop process running automatically on every boot.

For better performance of applications, think higher configuration machine or SAN disk or RAM disk instead of normal Hard disk drives (HDD).

Upgrade hardware from 32bit to 64bit environment.


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