Remove internet explorer

Remove internet explorer

Some times we require removing the Internet Explorer. It may be due to we are not satisfied with the new version or new version of internet explorer crashes or we require switch to older version of IE. This post describes how to
remove Internet explorer various versions.

How to remove internet explorer 8

Its very simple first open the Control panel as explained in below steps.

  1. Click on Start windows menu.
  2. Open control panel by clicking on Control Panel menu item.

  3. Click on Add / Remove programs icon as shown in Fig.2.

  4. It will open Add / Remove programs window.
  5. Look at the list of currently installed programs by clicking on Change or Remove programs button.
    Find the Windows Internet Explorer 8 item in the list.

    Add Remove windows items
  6. Click on the Remove button and restart the computer. The changes will take effect after the restart.

    Note : If you don’t see the remove button follow simple advanced step.

Remove Internet Explorer IE8 advanced commands.

  1. Click on Start windows button.
  2. Click on Run and type CMD inside it.

    Open command prompt
  3. Click Ok to open command window as shown in below picture.

    command prompt
  4. Copy the following text into

  5. Paste it inside the opened command prompt as shown in below picture.

    Command to remove IE 8
  6. Hit the enter button to execute command. It will open Remove Internet Explorer 8 wizard.

    Remove IE8
  7. Click next to then finish and restart the computer to get changes.

Note: If above explained steps not worked for you, try below step and it will definitely work for you.

First you need to know the version of internet explorer you are using.
Its simple Open internet explorer and click on Help menu.

Internet explorer version

You see About Internet Explorer item. Click to open the information box.

IE 8

It will show you version of internet explorer. In my case its IE 8.

Open and search Download IE8. From Microsoft site download the IE 8.

Run the setup. It will ask you to Remove the current version of IE.
If setup founds that the version you are trying to install is older than current version, you need to uninstall the latest version. If it is the same version that you are trying to install, setup will ask you to Remove or Repair or
reinstall the same version.
  Above steps will work for all versions of Internet Explorer including IE 6 or IE 7 or IE 8 or Internet Explorer 9.

How to remove IE 8 from Windows 7.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Click Programs and Features.
  4. In task pane, click on Turn Windows features on or off.
  5. Look at the list of windows features and uncheck the Internet Explorer 8 check box.
  6. Say Yes to warning message.

System will restart. Now, you don’t have Internet Explorer 8 on machine.

Remove internet explorer completely

After removing Internet Explorer follow steps to completely remove the Internet explorer from your machine.

  1. Click on Start then click on Control Panel.
  2. Click on Add / Remove programs.
  3. Click on Add / Remove windows components.

  4. Windows Components wizard will show you Internet Explorer which comes along the installation of windows.
    Uncheck and Hit next to remove Internet Explorer completely.
     I have explained around three different ways to uninstall or remove the Internet Explorer.
You can try any of those steps which works for you. I have removed IE 8 from my system.
Following above steps you can uninstall any of IE version including IE 7, IE 8 or IE6.
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