Remove net framework 40

Remove net framework 40

To remove .net framework 4.0 from machine you need to follow below steps. Remove the framework manually.

1. Open control panel and click on add remove programs
2. Find Microsoft .net framework 4.0 Extended
3. Click to remove it
4. Restart the computer
5. follow step 1.
6. Find Microsoft .net framework 4.0 Client profile maintenance and click to remove it.

You need to follow above steps otherwise you will suffer from blocking issues.

Other way : Download the .net framework 4.0 from Microsoft and run the setup. It will ask you to reinstall or repair or Remove.
                  Select Remove and click on Next then Finish. It will remove .net framework 4.0.
Link to download Framework 4.0

Look at the below screen shots and I will walk you through .net framework removing steps again.

Remove .net framework

On click of next button you may see blocking issues.

Blocking issues

As you can see above “Setup has detected that this computer does not meet the requirements to complete this operation.”


  1. The .Net Framework 4 Client Profile and
  2. The .Net Framework 4 Extended

Must be removed separately. Now, you need to follow the steps as I explained at the start of this post.

You can also refer the readme file on Microsoft site. It describes the known issues and how to get rid of it.

Install or Remove .net framework

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