Send SMS and Pepsi Can

Send SMS and Pepsi Can

     I heard that Reliance communication is offering services like send sms and get Pepsi can out of vending machine.
  Click here to know more. My guess,how it works at the back end. 
  When user sends SMS to mobile number displayed on vending machine, it shows user mobile number and 
  screen to choose products from vending machine. Once user completes the transaction vending machine software submits 
  transaction details to Reliance communication and they charges their post paid customers as per what they had purchaced
  from vending machine. 
    Well, I don;t think that solution is feasible. There are chances that message will be delayed or undlivered to vending machine.
  so, instead of SMS end user needs to do actual call to that machine mobile number and pickup vending machine phone after ring. 
  During transaction LCD should display menu which will display items to select. user need to select appropriate items then vending machine 
  should submit transaction details to service providers. As soon as phone call ends transaction needs to be commited.

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