Shared Hosting Providers

Shared Hosting Providers

Shared Web Hosting

You are interested to host your or PHP website on Server. There are plenty of hosting service provides
with many plans. You can purchase the space on server and map multiple domains to use that space.
Remember buying domain name doesn't mean you are buying server space.
Some domain name provider offers free hosting, provided that you keep their advertise on your pages.
What is hosting provider
Hosting provider explained

What is shared hosting.

 On server you get shared space. The server is shared across multiple users who purchased the space.
The server configuration includes type of Hosting.
The most popular types are Windows and Linux. The windows hosting is quit costly as compared to Linux hosting.
The plan may contains free database either My SQL or MS SQL server.
It also provides IIS or Apache web servers. Some provider gives you email addresses of your choice that suits your business
identity. I recommend you guys before purchasing the hosting or selecting the hosting provider prepare the
requirement of software required and then ask their online support executives about it.clip_image002
Note: It is better to buy space from local dealers, if your business is specific to your country.   
You can choose the plans either monthly pay or early pay based on the package or offer.
You may get discount on advanced yearly payment.
It is better to buy it for some month and if you get satisfactory performance and support go ahead to purchase
yearly plans or discontinue their service.

Some hosting provider’s gives you advanced free trial hosting. You may get benefit of it before actual purchasing
the hosting space. Also look for unlimited bandwidth plans.
What is web Hosting bandwidth is well explained in below link.


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