Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting

Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting

 What is differance between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?
well, here is little brief information about it. When you plan to get your web site live, you need to purchace domain (the actual name or url).
Once you get that domain name you need to buy some space where you can store your pages,images and databases.
Some domain name providers provides free space along with your domain. However its not add free. So, all of your pages hosted with that sservice prvidres
will serve default adds.
Shared hosting:
 It comes with limited access. You will manage content of your web using their control panel
 You will be restricted to load extra third party executables on your server.

Dedicated hosting
 You will be given complete access to remote machine. You can remotely upload the contents
of your site like how you access your local network server using remote desktop.
You will not be restricted to install any third party executables on that machine.
Its more costly as compare to shared hosting.


Shared hosting is best choice for those who are having mini web sites.
Dedicated hosting is better if you have big web sites or portals and requires total
control on hosting server using remote desktop.

For more information about shared hosting visit below link.

Summery: Difference between Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting.  which one is best for your application is well explained above.


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